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Issue Position: People Before Politics/Good Government

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The last session of the legislature was among the worst examples of how we expect our government to act. Political interests trumped the interests of the citizens of our state. Members of the legislature are there to serve the people. They must accomplish the work they are sent to do. It appears they failed on two of three mandated duties. The courts, not the legislature, completed the reapportionment of districts. The court is again considering the funding level appropriated by the legislature to fund public education. Once again, the court will likely say that education funding is not at a level that meets constitutional requirements. The legislature did meet their mandate of adopting a state budget, however, political maneuvering resulted in a reckless tax reduction package that is forecast to make adoption of budgets in future years very difficult if not impossible without significant cuts or increased taxes. Political gamesmanship ruled the day. It was not about whether or not good policy was considered and adopted. It was about who won at the end of the day. The citizens took a distant second place when the people should always be first. This selfish approach to governing must stop.

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