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Issue Position: Sensible Tax Reform

Issue Position

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Nobody likes paying taxes and everybody expects that our roads and highways will be in good condition, our schools will educate children and prepare them for a successful self-sufficient adulthood, our streets will be safe from the most dangerous and violent offenders and our seniors will be able to enjoy their golden years in relative comfort. There are three fundamental issues that impact the amount of taxes we pay. First is how much are we planning on spending. We must insist that state budgets are developed in a manner that articulates our priorities for funding and there is effective and efficient management of state agencies. Second is the mix of taxes. Our taxes are based upon three basic sources of revenue, income tax, sales tax and property tax. A carefully balanced tax system assures that there is not an over reliance on any single segment of our tax structure that results in an unfair burden upon any group. Third is the earning capacity of individuals and businesses. Normally, the more people earn, the more they buy and they pay more taxes. Sensible tax reform takes into consideration that it takes some time for changes in tax structure to result in a healthier overall economy. There is a natural delay in reinvestment when tax savings are achieved. It is important we understand that patience and a well-planned long term strategy will serve us best. Turning on a dime will cost us dollars in the long run. Recovery from the damage done through irresponsible tax reform will take years

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