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Wilson Responds to Latest Jobs Report


Location: West Columbia, SC

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement this morning regarding the latest unemployment report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"The policies supported by the Obama Administration and the liberal-controlled Senate are destroying jobs and kicking the can further down the road, rather than spurring economic growth and job creation. The claim that our Nation is on a path to economic recovery could not be further from the truth. Today's latest jobs report further supports the fact that the President and his Administration's policies have failed to create jobs, failed to encourage economic growth, and failed to reassure hardworking Americans that we can recover from this economic recession.

"House Republicans are aware that American families are suffering due to the lack of leadership displayed by the President and the Senate to actually address the recurring problem of joblessness. For the past forty-three months, our unemployment rate has remained at or above eight percent. In order to put Americans back to work, we must pass legislation to remove government barriers that will promote job creation by encouraging small businesses to hire new employees. The House was passed dozens of job creating bills, most with bipartisan support, which sadly remained stalled in the Senate graveyard. I encourage the President and the liberal-controlled Senate to begin supporting House Republicans initiatives aimed to create jobs rather than relying on their job-restricting policies that have proven to fail for the past three and a half years."

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