Blog: Energy: All of the Above (and Below)


By:  Tim Scott
Date: Sept. 19, 2012
Location: Unknown

Since taking office, the President has promised an "all of the above" energy strategy -- the problem is his actions have shown a completely different mindset. His decisions led us into Solyndra and other taxpayer dollar-wasting initiatives, while energy prices have soared. That's not the type of math we like to see

However, in the House we have put forward a comprehensive energy strategy. We must develop new and more efficient sources of energy while at the same time utilizing resources currently at our disposal. What we can't do is destroy jobs while implementing policies that don't work, such as the President's War on Coal.

This week, the House will continue our efforts to lower the burden of high energy prices on American families with the Stop the War on Coal Act. This legislation would protect millions of American jobs from burdensome regulations and taxes, while ensuring a solid energy future.

What is clear is we cannot pick and choose, we must use all reliable resources at our disposal to fulfill our energy needs. We need all of the above AND below. With unemployment more than eight percent for 43 straight months, American families cannot be forced to stare down spikes in their energy costs.


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