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Issue Position: Rebuilding the House

Issue Position

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I think many people saw this year as a crossroads for the state legislature -- given some of the most daunting economic challenges in decades, our representatives had a serious choice to make. They could either work together for the common good, or they could revert to the same tiresome political gamesmanship that serves no one and leads only to inaction.

Unfortunately, too many of them chose the latter. The result is hard to believe: after an entire year's session of legislating, our representatives failed to pass anything addressing jobs, economic development, or public education.

That's why I'm running. I know we can do better. I'm highly optimistic about what can be accomplished in the next few years if the right approach is taken. With a strong spirit of bipartisanship and a keen understanding of the severity of the challenges we face, I believe a smarter, more responsive, and more efficient government is possible. That's what this campaign is about. Replacing useless politics and blind ideology with smart, innovative ideas for how government runs best.

The state of Missouri faces serious challenges that require thoughtful, creative and bipartisan solutions. If ever there was a time to move beyond partisan bickering and petty political games, it is now. We must restore our commitment to common sense, and to our common purpose. The era of avoiding the tough issues can and must end -- I promise to do my part. Together, we can rebuild the Missouri House.

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