E-Newsletter from Congressman Steve Austria


By:  Steve Austria
Date: Sept. 17, 2012
Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

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During the August District work period, my office conducted Small Business Forums throughout the 7th Congressional District. We held town-halls in Clark, Greene, Fairfield, Fayette, Perry and Pickaway counties. Small business owners throughout the District shared their concerns about the impact that the federal government was having on their efforts to effectively run their businesses.

As we went from county to county and met with small business owners, farmers and hardworking families many expressed the same five areas of concern. These five concerns have created a great deal of uncertainty and that has affected the ability of our small business owners to grow their businesses and create new long-term sustainable jobs. Those concerns include: out of control federal spending; uncertainty about the tax burden they will soon face; the avalanche of federal government regulations; the uncertainty caused by the fluctuating cost of energy; and the new taxes and regulations associated with the new federal government healthcare plan.

As families struggle to make it from pay-check to pay-check and small businesses just try to meet their payroll, Washington must end the political gridlock and get serious about our nation's unemployment crisis by providing certainty in the marketplace. It is certainty that will help our most prolific job creators -- Americas' small business owners. Our small businesses, which include our family farms, create about seven of every ten new jobs in America.

Our small business owners spoke loud and clear that to jump start our economy and get Americans back to work, Washington must also do its job by: stopping all the wasteful borrowing and out-of-control spending; preventing a massive tax increase on families and small businesses by extending the temporary tax cuts; removing the avalanche of Washington red tape and the unnecessary burdensome regulations; putting an energy policy in place that has less reliance on overseas foreign oil and takes advantage of our own domestic energy sources; and finally addressing the government take-over of our healthcare by focusing on lowering the cost of healthcare and making it more affordable for hard-working families.

As we approach the year-end deadline and during a time when job growth has stunted we cannot afford the federal government to raise taxes on our job creators and impose unnecessary regulations -- all which stifles job growth. It is our small businesses, the job creators that are the backbone of our economy.

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