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"Sit Down with Seniors"


Location: Unknown

During the month of August, I met with seniors throughout Eastern and Southeastern Ohio to discuss what I am doing to guarantee the promises of Social Security and Medicare so that current seniors continue receiving their fully funded benefits. Also, I talked about what I am doing to preserve these programs for future generations.

The purpose of these informal meetings is to talk about issues that are important to seniors. If the President and Congress do not act to guarantee the promise of Medicare to America's seniors, the program will be unable to pay full benefits by 2024. I support legislation to strengthen and preserve Medicare and am a cosponsor of a bill called the Social Security Preservation Act, which would prevent Congress and bureaucrats in Washington from dipping into the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for pet projects. It is important that we guarantee the promises of these vital programs to both current beneficiaries and future generations.

These discussions are very important to me because I get to hear directly from you. Thank you to everyone who has attended one of these events; your feedback is very important to me.

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