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Reed Questions $425K Grant to India to Fund Communications Study

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Tom Reed is questioning the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarding a grant of $425,642 to India that will fund a study to determine the effectiveness of that nation's communication with its own citizenry. "At a time when American families are struggling to make ends meet, I question the logic in spending nearly half a million of their hard earned tax dollars on a study for a foreign government," Reed said.

The NSF grant will fund research on the effectiveness of communication between officeholders in the Indian government and the Indian electorate. "India has one of the world's fastest growing economies and, as Americans continue to struggle through the economic downturn, it doesn't seem right for American taxpayer dollars to study how the Indian government communicates with Indian citizens," added Reed. Last year the United States provided India with $126 million in aid.

"The taxpayers who fund our federal government are hard pressed and hurting," Reed said. "Every day American families are prioritizing their expenses and eliminating what they can't afford from the family budget. It's high time for the NSF and the entire federal government to do the same."

Earlier this year Reed began an initiative to keep a spotlight on taxpayer dollars being frittered away without accountability by federal agencies. The program has highlighted more than $14,769,832,000 of wasteful spending thus far.

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