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Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. LOWEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of the continuing resolution. Two of Congress' primary responsibilities are setting Federal spending levels and being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. We should all agree that is best accomplished when we comb through the budget, line by line, to enact responsible spending bills.

That became impossible when the majority walked away from the agreement in last year's Budget Control Act. As a result, the House engaged in a futile attempt to adopt bills that simply don't add up to the spending levels already agreed upon.

A temporary blanket extension of funding doesn't allow us to prioritize increased investments in STEM education, biomedical research, clean energy, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, and job training initiatives that will grow our economy and create jobs. And a CR also inhibits our efforts to root out wasteful spending.

I will support this bill. We must keep the government operating. However, next year, we must work across the aisle to ensure adequate investments in activities that will facilitate economic growth and best serve our national interest.

I would also like to take a moment to thank my good friend, Norm Dicks. It has been a privilege to serve on the committee with you, and your expertise, steady hand, and leadership will be greatly missed.


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