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Congressman Bass Attends Rally with Paul Ryan, Architect of the Ryan-Bass Plan to End Medicare as We Know It

Press Release

Location: Concord, NH

Congressman Bass today joined Paul Ryan at a campaign rally in Manchester, cementing his support for the Ryan-Bass Plan that would end Medicare as we know it and force seniors to pay thousands more for their care -- all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and corporations that send jobs overseas.

"By standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the architect of the Ryan-Bass Plan, Congressman Bass has proven once more that he is a lockstep Republican who puts the interests of millionaires ahead of seniors and the middle class," said Rob Friedlander, Communications Director for Annie Kuster. "Congressman Bass' embrace of Paul Ryan and his plan to end Medicare as we know it has sent an unmistakable message to New Hampshire voters: the Ryan-Bass Plan is now the defining issue in this race."

Speaking at a press conference after the event, Congressional candidate Annie Kuster criticized Congressman Bass' support of the Ryan-Bass Plan, highlighting the devastating impacts it would have on New Hampshire's middle class and seniors.

"I've spent my entire life in New Hampshire, and if there's one thing I know about Granite Staters, it's that they know right from wrong," said Kuster. "They know that it is simply unfair for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Congressman Bass to ask middle-class families to pay more, while millionaires and billionaires receive a $265,000 tax break. This isn't an approach that will grow the middle-class or the economy. This is a one-way ticket back to the failed policies of the past."

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