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Turner Releases Statement On President's Snub of Prime Minister Netanyahu


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09), released the following statement regarding President Obama's recent decision to turn down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting request.

"Less than a year has passed since President Obama made disparaging remarks about "having to deal' with Prime Minister Netanyahu. His decision to turn down Prime Minister Netanyahu's meeting request shows just how much of an inconvenience it really is for the President. If the President truly "has Israel's back' he would make it his first priority to meet with our friends. At a time when Iran is dangerously close to developing nuclear weapons and has threatened to destroy Israel, President Obama fails to embrace our staunchest ally in the area. The President has not been to Israel since taking office and won't even make time for Prime Minister Netanyahu when he is on our soil. His actions are concerning and show a true lack of leadership."

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