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Johnson: Kaiser Survey Shows More Broken Obamacare Promises


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Ron Johnson (WI) released the following statement regarding the Kaiser Family Foundation's annual survey of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums:

"In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama promised that as President, he would reduce health insurance premiums by $2,500 per family by 2012, and that anyone who liked his or her current plan would be able to keep it. But instead of falling by $2,500 per family, premiums have now risen by over $3,000 -- a broken promise that is costing the average American family $5,500 annually. And instead of guaranteeing that Americans could keep their plans, it is becoming more apparent every day that millions of Americans will lose their employer-sponsored care and be forced into government-run exchanges.

"Obamacare has not been fully implemented, but it is already reducing consumer choice and lowering the quality of care. It will deter innovation and bust our budget. Obamacare is nothing but a series of broken promises. It must be repealed."

The Kaiser Family Foundation conducts an annual survey regarding employer-sponsored health insurance. The survey has documented the consistent annual increase in the cost of health insurance throughout the Obama presidency.

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