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Brown's Phony Attacks Can't Hide His Record for Billionaires and Big Oil


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U.S. Senate candidate and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren today released the following statement:

"Scott Brown is staging a speech to make phony attacks against me, hoping that it will distract people from seeing his voting record on taxes.

"Scott Brown's record on taxes is as clear as Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's -- help those at the top and tell everyone else to pick up the pieces.

"There's a big difference between us.

"I think billionaires and big oil ought to pay their fair share and middle class families deserve tax cuts. Brown voted to protect subsidies for big oil.

"I support the Buffett rule so billionaires would pay a tax rate closer to the rate paid by middle class families. Brown voted against the Buffett rule.

"I think we should close the loopholes that let big business and the really rich -- the folks who can afford armies of lobbyists -- duck taxes while middle class families pay the bills. Brown can't find a loophole to close.

"I support tax cuts for 98% of all families and 97% of all small businesses, and I don't believe they should be held hostage to bigger cuts for the richest people and biggest corporations. Brown voted against middle class tax cuts because the richest didn't get bigger cuts.

"I support tax credits for families and small businesses that are in the health care reform bill. Brown has pledged to repeal all health care reforms, including the tax breaks.

"Scott Brown has consistently voted against middle class families and small businesses while he votes for special deals for those at the very top. He can't run away from his record, his endorsement of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan or his Republican Party. They stand together to help the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful.

"I stand in a very different place, with middle class families and small businesses who deserve a fair shot at a great future."

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