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New Report on Construction Jobs Highlights Need to Rebuild Now

Press Release

Location: Somerville, MA

Massachusetts lost nearly 4000 construction jobs over the past year due to a decrease in support for public infrastructure projects, according to a new report from the Associated General Contractors of America. U.S. Senate candidate and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren has put forward a plan to support construction jobs now by improving infrastructure across the Commonwealth.

"This report highlights what we already know -- we have construction workers who need jobs and crumbling roads and bridges that need repairs. Smart investments in transportation, communications, and education infrastructure will not only create jobs now, it will lay the groundwork for a healthier economy for the years to come," said Warren. "My opponent Scott Brown has a very different vision. He has repeatedly voted against bills that would support jobs in the construction industry, turning his back on these workers, their families and the needs of our communities. We can do better to build a stronger future for workers in Massachusetts and across the nation."

Last fall, Republican Scott Brown voted three times against jobs bills that would have supported thousands of jobs in Massachusetts, including the American Jobs Act. [Vote 160, 10/11/11; Vote 177, 10/20/11; Vote 195, 11/3/11] That bill would have supported nearly 11,000 construction jobs in Massachusetts. [American Jobs Act: Impact for Massachusetts,, accessed 10/12/11]

Warren's Rebuild Now plan will:

Invest in Air and Surface Transportation
Fix America's Schools
Make Wireless Broadband Available
Create a National Infrastructure Bank
Support the Partnership for Sustainable Communities
Give States More Flexibility to use Highway Funds for Transit Projects
Reinstate Tax Breaks for Commuters
Each of these investments -- in roads, bridges, transit, communications and education -- help create the conditions for our small businesses to succeed.

Warren's plan is fully paid for by her debt and deficit reduction strategy and ending special tax breaks for corporate jets and ending public investment in the oil and gas research and development program. Her deficit reduction plan was found by independent analysts for the Boston Globe to be 67% more effective than Republican Scott Brown's.

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