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Nelson: Tragedy in Libya Cause for National Unity


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Today, Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson said that Nebraskans would be disappointed in how some have turned the deaths of American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three embassy staff into an opportunity to score political points.

"While my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the Americans attacked at the United States Consulate in Benghazi, it pains me to see some inappropriately utilizing this situation to score political points," said Senator Nelson in a conference call with Nebraska media. "The rocket attack in Libya that led to the deaths of American citizens, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, is a foreign policy matter that American leaders should come together on. I'm repulsed to see it used for political gains."

American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was killed yesterday when gunmen attacked and set fire to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Three other embassy staff members were also killed during the assault, thought to have been in response to a film depicting the Prophet Mohammad in an undignified manner. While many elected representatives have expressed condolences to the families of the diplomats who died yesterday, numerous politicians have spoken out directly against the president.

"Our president has condemned this act, and is increasing the security for all America's diplomats abroad, and I agree with his words and actions, as do most Americans," said Nelson. "Unfortunately, this is an election year, and partisan politicians are using it as yet another excuse to differentiate themselves from the president. The tragedy in Libya shows just how unsettled that region of the world is, and this should call for more unity from leaders in America, rather than pot shots for political gain."

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