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Joe Kennedy Attends Clean Energy Roundtable in Newton

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Congressional candidate Joe Kennedy III met with clean energy leaders from across the 4th District and the Commonwealth today, in a roundtable discussion at General Compression in Newton. The event was co-hosted by the New England Clean Energy Council.

"A comprehensive energy plan that gets us off of our addiction to foreign oil is a priority for this country," said Joe. "Committing seriously to a clean energy future is vital to our environment, security and economy. It will help put this district back to work and will ensure we create and keep the kind of highly-skilled middle class jobs we need in the future."

"It is important to see candidates for federal office recognizing the growth and potential of the clean energy industry, which has become a vital part of Massachusetts' employment base," said Peter Rothstein, President of the New England Clean Energy Council. "There are now 71,523 employees working in the clean energy sector, an 11.2 percent increase since 2012. Companies in storage, wind, solar, combined heat & power, finance and energy efficiency are building an engine for growth of the Massachusetts and New England economy."

"As a Massachusetts based company developing Dispatchable Wind™ projects, General Compression appreciates Joe's support of our industry and his vision for creating policies that foster the expansion of the clean energy economy," said David Marcus, President and Founder of General Compression.

Joe supports reducing our country's dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels by adopting a comprehensive, national energy policy that incentivizes smart consumption habits, raises fuel efficiency standards and encourages the development of renewable sources of energy. He believes that the United States should maximize its domestic resources in a responsible way while seriously committing to renewables such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydro-power, and biofuels.

Joe believes government should lead the transition to a green economy, moving away from carbon-intensive sources of energy and ending subsidies for profitable oil and gas companies. He supports the Obama Administration's Homestar Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program and increasing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. Additionally, he supports the development of alternative energy industries in Massachusetts, including the Cape Wind project.

Joe Kennedy is the Democratic nominee in the 4th Congressional District of Massachusetts. In September, Joe won the Democratic primary with over 90 percent of the vote. He has held over 200 events across the 4th District, speaking directly with voters in every city and town. Out on the trail, he has stressed the importance of creating jobs, investing in education, getting our national debt under control, and bringing basic fairness back into our system. The campaign has opened five offices across the district, signed up over 3,600 volunteers, knocked on over 44,000 doors and made nearly 200,000 phone calls.

Joe has also earned the endorsements of the Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood, the Bay State Stonewall Democrats, the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the SEIU state council and the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.

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