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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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As your representative, I will fight for school choice, local control, parental rights, and tax credits.

Parents should have the freedom to choose the best educational options for their children!

Public Schools

As your representative, I will fight to restore local and parental control to the public school system.

The Department of Education, No Child Left Behind, and other attempts by the federal government to centralize control over education are detrimental to Georgia's public school system. The results are evident as more and more money is allocated to the system, and yet performance continues to stagnate or decline.

Federal subsidies, and the bureaucratic regulations and mandates attached to them, confine schools and teachers to working within a restrictive top down structure. They no longer have the flexibility or autonomy to work with parents and children in novel and creative ways; this can deprive classrooms of the innovation and motivation necessary for students and teachers to meet their highest potential.

Meanwhile, our children are learning that they are just-another-number in the system and how to take standardized tests, instead of how to think critically and independently.

Teachers and parents should be allowed to work together in the child's best interest without government interference; and teachers should be accountable to parents, not the government. Schools and teachers should have the flexibility to innovate. Curriculum should be decided locally; the closer to home, the better.

Private And Charter Schools

As your representative, I will fight to lift restrictive regulations on private and charter schools.

The government monopoly on education is depriving our children of the benefits of the free market. Increasing competition would require school administrators and teachers to raise performance or risk going out of business. Currently, the regulatory complexities on alternative forms of education are an impediment for their creation and operation.

Home Schooling

As your representative, I will stand up for homeschooling and parental rights and support tax credits for educational expenses.

Having over a decade of community service experience working with Christian homeschool organizations, I have witnessed the sheer dedication and commitment it takes to be a home school parent. I also understand the economic and regulatory challenges involved. Ultimately, a child's education is the responsibility of the parent, and parents who decide to home school their children should have the freedom to do so, free of burdensome government interference.

It is also unethical that parents who home school their children must pay for public schools through property taxes when they do not utilize those institutions. For this reason, short of repealing property taxes, I believe tax credits should be available to home school parents for educational expenses.

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