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Unemployment on the Rise Again, as Niki Tsongas Votes to Increase Taxes on Small Business Owners


Location: Westford, MA

The US Department of Labor released its monthly jobless report today showing an increase in the unemployment rate to 8.3%. This, just days after Representative Niki Tsongas voted against extending tax cuts to everyone, including small businesses.

Jon Golnik released the following statement on the latest report:

"Even a slight increase in the unemployment rate is just more evidence that the economic recovery we keep hearing about hasn't arrived yet. Too many people are still out of work and it is only getting worse. The first lesson we should take from this is that the policies of Representative Niki Tsongas, President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Washington's have failed. I have said it before--we cannot tax and spend our way out of this jobs crisis. Yet, just Wednesday, Niki Tsongas voted against extending the existing tax cuts for everyone. She and her party did so under the claim that those making over $200,000 should pay more in taxes. No, Congresswoman Tsongas, on two fronts. Number one, we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Just taking more money in so you can spend it will not fix our economic crisis. Two, many of those making more than 200 thousand are small businesses who file as individuals. Quite simply, you do not increase the cost of doing business on an employer and expect that employer to say, "great, I have less money for my business, I will go spend more money and hire more people.' Small businesses in this country do not have that irresponsible mentality or philosophy that apparently lives in Washington.

"This is proof positive that the policies of Rep. Tsongas and the party to which she is so beholden, have failed. It is time for new ideas to get this economy back. I will work to reduce unnecessary and burdensome regulations on businesses so they can't spend those funds on employees and grow. I will support imposing a one year moratorium on all new regulations. Further, let's extend those tax cuts for everyone. "

In the coming weeks, Jon will be releasing an economic plan to spur job growth in the third district.

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