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Issue Position: Gaming

Issue Position

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In a recent radio interview my opponent, Sen. Pendleton, said we need to get this issue "behind us." I'm pretty sure the people did that a few years ago when their elected representatives defeated gaming legislation. Perhaps Mr. Pendleton and the Governor should put it behind themselves by not bringing it back up.

In the same interview, Sen. Pendleton said to "let the people have their say." If so, the Senator and Governor ought to spend just as much time talking about the problems that come with gaming as they do talking about its promised "benefits.' We'll see if they inform the people of both sides of this issue so the voters know the truth.

Would "expanded gaming" bring Kentucky additional revenue? Probably. But at what cost? There are industries, businesses and corporations that are all in favor of such legislation, but none of those "entities" or committees carry the burden. Families do. Churches do. Non-profits do. These are trying times when non-profit funding is already struggling because folks have less to give. Families are already hurting. Gambling and gaming is tempting as a possible way out for the very people in the Commonwealth who have the least means to gamble with. The costs to our families and communities is far too great for any revenue the gaming lobby promises it can deliver.

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