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Issue Position: Criminal Code

Issue Position

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* 53% of people in our prisons today are in there on drug charges. I think for personal use of illicit drugs sentencing should not include incarceration it should include mandatory drug treatment and community service. The faith base community should not be excluded from the treatment options.
* I support a three strikes and your out bill for Kentucky. After convicted of ones third felony life in prison should be the sentence. No parole or probation would be possible.
* I believe we should eliminate concurrent sentencing for all felonies. Multiple felony sentences should always run consequently.
* The mental illness defense should not be a way to avoid justice. If there is a mental illness issue involved it should only be considered as one part of the sentencing.
* I support the death penalty for capital murder crimes, we need to find a constitutional way to limit the endless appeals on death row in Kentucky.
* I think we should amend the Kentucky State Constitution to limit executive pardons starting with the next elected governor in 2015.

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