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Rubio "Pleased at the Cooperation" from Libyan Government


Location: Unknown

Rubio: "It is important for folks to understand that, at least at the outset, we know very clearly that there is a dramatic difference between the way the Libyan government reacted to this and the way the Egyptian government has reacted to this.

"And I think that now our commitment needs to be about three things. Number one: we need to make sure that this never happens again. We need to fully assess the security at all of our diplomatic outposts all over the world to ensure they have the appropriate security in place to deal with anything like this, now or in the future.

"Number two: we need to find out what happened. Why was there not adequate security? Why wasn't the consulate able to protect itself from this kind of attack, and protect our personnel in there? Was it a failing on behalf of the Libyans? Was it a failing on behalf of our security personnel? We need to find that out. Were there warnings that were ignored? We need to do the hard work of investigating how this happened so it will never happen again.

"And number three: we need to find the people who did this and bring them to justice. And at that end, I am pleased at the cooperation that we're getting from the Libyans, in allowing us and in assisting us in finding these people, and bringing them to justice.

"Because folks need to understand that there are consequences for murdering Americans overseas. There are consequences for attacking the United States of America. And those consequences will be met and will be paid. And that's what's happening right now. And as I said, I am encouraged by the cooperation we're getting from our Libyan friends and allies and I think we should be concerned about the lack of cooperation, to date anyways, that we've gotten from Egyptian authorities. We hope that will change."

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