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Rubio Calls President Morsi of Egypt's Response to Terrorist Attacks on Embassy "Unacceptable"


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Marco Rubio: "What really troubled me is that for 24 hours after that attack, and the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, we heard virtually nothing from the president, President Morsi of Egypt. Instead he focused on condemning a YouTube video, a YouTube video that anyone can make. At the end of the day, the response to a YouTube video that someone is offended by is not to burn down an embassy or murder an ambassador. Yet, that is what has happened overseas.

"And the response of President Morsi was not to express outrage about that, but instead to ask his embassy here in the United States of America to sue the makers of the YouTube video. It is very troubling, quite frankly unacceptable, that the leader of a country that receives as much aid as Egypt receives from us would take so long to express any sort of outrage or condemnation on what's occurred and focused the almost entire majority of his attention on a YouTube video instead of condemning violence that ultimately led to the death of four American diplomats overseas.

"So, I am very disappointed with what has happened with Egypt. I think we need to continue to demand not only that they secure our embassy in Cairo, but that they find out who it was that was responsible for organizing this attack on our embassy, and do everything they can to bring those folks to justice."

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