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Location: Miami, FL

Senator Bill Nelson says one thing to the people of Florida but does another when he votes like a lockstep liberal with Barack Obama in Washington. Before he turned his back on Floridians by voting for a massive new government program the people didn't want and can't afford. He pretended to be on their side, when he "warned" his colleagues against cutting Medicare to pay for ObamaCare, saying the cuts were "unconscionable" and a "non-starter."

Even though Senator Nelson called the Medicare cuts "unconscionable," he voted for them. You can watch his own words here.

Senator Nelson called the Medicare cuts a "non-starter," but then he voted for them anyway. You can watch what he said here.

Republican Senate Candidate, Congressman Connie Mack said:

"Senator Nelson says one thing to Floridians but votes like a LockStep Liberal in Washington.

"Time and again Bill Nelson has been there for Barack Obama's agenda of ObamaCare, government takeovers, and the stimulus spending. Bill Nelson sounded the alarm on ObamaCare, even saying what it did to Medicare was "unconscionable' and a "non-starter.' But then Senator Nelson did the unconscionable thing anyway -- he voted for ObamaCare. It's time to repeal ObamaCare, it's time to repeal Bill Nelson. Enough is enough.

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