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Blumenthal, Larson Introduce Bills to Improve Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Technology for America


Location: Washington, DC

Yesterday, Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced "The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Infrastructure for America Act of 2012' (S.3531). The legislation aims to improve fuel cell and hydrogen energy infrastructure and increase federal incentives for the use of fuel cell technology. Congressman John B. Larson also introduced an identical bill in the U.S. House. The bills will help reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil while supporting the growing fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry.

"This exciting measure can make Connecticut the fuel cell capital of America -- creating jobs, clean energy, and freedom from foreign oil," said Senator Blumenthal. "Fuel cell manufacturing puts people to work and opens a new energy future for Connecticut and the nation. I'm proud to join Congressman Larson in this battle."

"American ingenuity and hard work has put us on the cutting edge of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technology and we should be doing everything possible to keep us there because it will help our economy, create good jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil," said Congressman Larson. "That's what this legislation is intended to do. By increasing incentives for the development and use of fuel cells we'll ensure the technology continues to grow. I applaud Senator Blumenthal for introducing this bill in the Senate, and I look forward to seeing this industry strengthened for the future."

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