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President Bill Clinton Backs Lois Frankel

Press Release

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Today, former President Bill Clinton and 22nd District congressional candidate Lois Frankel campaigned together in West Palm Beach. President Clinton expressed his support for Frankel, and they made the following statement.

"You should be for Lois Frankel because the interest of your district will be better off. The interest of Florida will be better off. But the most important thing is, she'll take the country to a better place. Rarely do people get to vote for a candidate for the House of Representatives that is as good as Lois. And she needs your support," said President Clinton.

"We've got a real choice here. But there's only one candidate who has actually been a Mayor and a legislator, and brought 100 new businesses. There's no Republican or Democratic way to do that, you either do it or you don't, and it happens through cooperation not constant conflict. And that's what we need from Washington, that's what we need from Congress. I can't imagine anyone's better qualified than Lois Frankel," President Clinton added.

"I'm honored by President Clinton's support for my campaign," said Frankel. "During the Clinton presidency, our economy grew at its fastest pace in 50 years and created over 23 million jobs. In Congress, I will work to grow our economy by investing in infrastructure, encouraging innovation in education, and promoting research and development. I'll stand up for women's health care, and fight to protect and strengthen Medicare."

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