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Kaine Highlights Comprehensive Energy Strategy

Press Release

Location: Richmond, VA

Today Tim Kaine released a new ad, "Unleashed," that highlights his comprehensive energy strategy that is critical to growing Virginia's economy, creating jobs, and promoting national security.

The ad features Kaine at the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center in Wise County. As Governor, Kaine worked with Republicans and Democrats to support permitting the state-of-the-art cleaner coal facility that represents one of the most significant investments in Southwest Virginia.

In the ad, Kaine says of the plant, "As governor, I supported its construction. I also support offshore energy, conservation, and innovative investments in wind and solar which together employ more than 66,000 Virginians. That's what I call unleashing our energy potential."

Kaine was the first governor to put in place a comprehensive energy strategy for the Commonwealth and in July, released an energy policy that taps all of Virginia's energy resources and promotes innovation for the future. The plan encourages conservation, supports domestic sources like cleaner coal, offshore energy, and natural gas, and embraces clean energy technologies that will make Virginia a leader in that emerging $2.3 trillion global industry.

"Increasing energy production from all sources and investing in new technologies of the future will create new jobs in the Commonwealth, make Virginia more competitive in a global economy, and reduce our reliance on foreign fuels by increasing our energy independence," said Kaine. "As governor, I was proud to put into place the state's first comprehensive energy plan and as a senator I am committed to pursuing policies that tap all of our energy resources from the cleaner coal facility in Wise County, to wind technologies on the Eastern Shore, to solar facilities in Richmond. Our commonwealth has enormous potential and with the right strategies in place we can ensure Virginia is a leader in the 21st century energy economy."

"Unleashed" is the fifth ad from Kaine for Virginia following the release of "Actions Matter" yesterday, and will run in markets across Virginia. Support from more than 30,000 donors has allowed Kaine for Virginia to purchase more than $4.5 million in advertising time between now and Election Day.

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