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George Allen Calls for Administration to Reveal Defense Cuts


Location: Unknown

Today, George Allen issued the following statement regarding the Obama administration's failure to meet the deadline, required by law, to provide details on how they plan to implement the $500 Billion defense cuts scheduled to begin January 2:

"Virginians continue to see Washington fail to take responsible steps to avert the $500 Billion in defense cuts that could force hundreds of thousands of Virginians out of a job. Hard-working Virginia families are depending on these jobs to feed their families, pay for housing and send their children to school. Now Washington is failing to outline how these devastating cuts will be implemented, leaving Virginia employers and workers in the dark for how they should prepare. These looming defense cuts are on top of another nearly $500 Billion in defense cuts already in President Obama's budget, jeopardizing our military readiness and national security. Leadership is about setting priorities, and the Obama administration needs to fulfill their responsibility and disclose their defense cuts plan. Virginians deserve responsible leadership in Washington that will establish accountability and reverse these devastating cuts without using hard-working small business owners as bargaining chips for tax increases in a weak economy."

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