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Congressman Cantor: We Honor Those Who Fell by Making Sure it Never Happens Again

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Good morning. On this day of remembrance, September 11th, we honor those who fell eleven years ago today and we honor those who fought to try and save those who died. We will be attending the memorial ceremony after this. The best thing that we can do as a people to honor those individuals is to make sure that it never happens again.

"We face looming massive defense cuts that this House has acted to substitute. We put forward a plan to make sure that the sequester in terms of its impact, especially on our Defense Department, does not take place. We substitute cuts instead of those that will, as the Speaker says, hollow out our military. I was surprised this morning when I heard Secretary Panetta say the Pentagon has not readied itself. It has not come to terms with what it chooses to do with the sequester, which says to me there is a lack of leadership in this Administration.

"We have a desperate need to make sure that our men and women in uniform have what they need. I can tell you in a state like mine, in Virginia, the sequester is a big issue. It is an issue affecting our ability to defend this country and our state's role in doing that. It is also a tremendous issue that is sending tremors through the communities in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. The President should be called upon and asked, what is his plan? How is he going to lead to make sure that our military is not hollowed out? How do we avoid these defense cuts in a responsible manner? It's time to hear and to see how he will do that."

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