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Issue Position: Women's Health

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Standing up for Texas women every step of the way.

Women's health is under attack. Recent cuts to women's health services will result in hundreds of thousands of Texas women losing their access to primary care, cancer screenings and well-woman exams.

Ann Johnson is a champion for Texas women and will be their voice in Austin.

Ann rallied this year with other women to stand up to the partisan and ideological agenda of Rick Perry and his allies. If Perry has his way, he will de-fund Planned Parenthood and turn away federal tax dollars that help get important care to women. That will mean closed clinics, and reduced access to affordable birth control and cancer screenings. Ann Johnson will put partisan politics aside and fight for health care for women and families.

Rick Perry and Sarah Davis' War on Women's Health

Rick Perry and his allies, including Ann's opponent, continue to attack women's health services. Ann Johnson's opponent voted consistently to slash women's health services in this last legislative session.

Ann's opponent is playing politics with women's health. Texan women deserve better.

* Ann's opponent voted to slash the family planning budget from $111 million to $38 million. Nearly 284,000 women will lose access to cancer screening, birth control, and breast exams, leading to 20,500 additional births and $230 million in additional costs to Medicaid.
* Ann's opponent voted to reject a nine-to-one match of $35 million in federal funds for the Medicaid Women's Health Program -- just to keep funding from Planned Parenthood.
* Ann's opponent has called on Texas to refuse to accept $76 billion in federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage for an estimated 1.5 to 2 million Texans, many of whom are women.
* Texas women can do better, if we replace Rep. Sarah Davis.

Ann Johnson has what it takes to stand up to Rick Perry and protect women's health.

Ann Johnson is a fighter.

She has advocated for abused women and children and worked across party lines to get results. She took on Harris County's criminal justice system and won. Ann won a landmark case in the Texas Supreme Court that protects children from exploitation and human trafficking.

Ann is prepared to fight and challenge both political parties until all women in Texas have access to the healthcare they deserve- without exception.

And when Ann Johnson fights, she wins.

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