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Blog: Mitt Romney's the "Perfect Guy at the Perfect Time" for America


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In an interview with FOX News' Bret Baier at the Republican National Convention, Speaker John Boehner said Governor Romney has a "real record of producing jobs," making him "the perfect guy at the perfect time" for families and small businesses struggling in President Obama's economy.

Boehner also touted Paul Ryan and efforts by House Republicans to remove government barriers to job growth and stop the president's small business tax hike, which will destroy more than 700,000 jobs. Here are several key excerpts:

Boehner: This Election's About Jobs, Making Romney's the Perfect Guy at the Perfect Time:

"It's all about the economy. That's the whole election. The president can't run on his record. The American people, if you look at all the polls, they want somebody that will fix our economy and get jobs growth going again. Mitt Romney has got a real record of producing jobs. He's the perfect guy at the perfect time."

Boehner: Paul Ryan Knows the Pro-Growth Policies Needed to Help Create Jobs:

"But I think Paul Ryan knows more about the debt crisis that's facing our country than almost anybody in Congress. Paul Ryan knows more about pro-growth economic policies to get our economy growing again and put Americans back to work."

Boehner: President Obama's Policies Made Our Economy Worse:

"The president's policies have failed. They've actually made things worse. And as a result, the president has had to turn to the politics of envy and division. Mitt Romney knows how to fix our economy. That's what our country needs today. And I think it's all going to be about the economy and jobs."

Boehner: Only House Republicans Have Voted to Stop the Tax Hikes, Protect Our Troops:

"The House passed a bill to extend all of the current tax rates for one year so that we can revise and reform our tax code. The House passed a bill to take care of upcoming sequesters, to replace them for the next couple of years. It's pending in the United States Senate. It's time for the Senate to do its work. … I think letting the tax rates go up will be a disaster for our economy. Letting the sequester go into effect will weaken our national defense and hollow out our military. It's totally unacceptable. But the -- the frustration for me and my members is that we've done our work and we watch Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats do nothing."

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