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Statement from Congressman Rick Berg on National Debt Hitting $16 Trillion

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rick Berg today released the following statement regarding the national debt officially hitting $16 trillion.

"Our national debt is the greatest threat to our security and children's future and is further proof that President Obama's big government policies are wrong for our country, wrong for North Dakota and wrong for our future," stated Berg. "Shortly after his inauguration, the President promised to get serious about reducing the national debt, but the fact remains that the debt has increased by $5.3 trillion on his watch, far more than any other President in our history. That's not how we do things here in North Dakota, where we balance our budgets and actually have a budget surplus. If President Obama was serious about reducing our debt, creating jobs, and growing our economy he would look to North Dakota as an example, not burden our children and grandchildren with a growing mountain of debt."

Berg has been vocal in the need to rein in the excessive government spending and regulations. Through his R.E.G.S. Agenda, Berg has worked to create a business-friendly economic climate to grow the economy.

Over the last year, the House has passed nearly 30 bipartisan, job-creating bills that the Democrat-controlled Senate has refused to take up for a vote. These bills would empower small business owners, reduce the regulatory burdens that hurt job creation and business growth, and encourage the growth of America's energy sector.

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