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Obama & Owens Spending Like Greek Politicians


Location: Ogdensburg, NY

Our country's debt zoomed past $16 trillion this week, a sober reminder of the lip service that President Obama and his partner in Congress, Bill Owens, have paid to tackling Washington's out of control spending.

"My opponent says Congress has to either spend within its means or risk breaking its promises to seniors, veterans and working families," said Matt Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate. "However, our current congressman is saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. When it comes to responsibly managing a budget, Bill Owens is part of the problem -- not part of the solution."

Under the Obama-Owens regime, the national debt has been raised by $4,031,805,642,443 -- an increase of $3.89 billion per day.

The American economy has not kept pace with this rampant spending, as our gross domestic product -- or the value of our goods and services -- has grown by $1.14 trillion during the same time period. Our country will be at a debt-to-GDP ratio equal to Greece, which is experiencing a sovereign debt crisis, in less than 10 years at its current trajectory.

Our current congressman twice rejected bipartisan House bills that would have called for Congress to responsibly balance its budget, just as American families do. He then voted for his party's budget proposal, which would continue to grow the national debt and would not "lead to a balanced budget over any time frame."

Owens also repeatedly told reporters in his district that he was "comfortable" with an across-the-board spending cut of up to 3.5 percent for the federal budget. But the congressman subsequently voted against several amendments that proposed those across-the-board cuts to federal department budgets.

"I support a balanced budget amendment to ensure that Washington won't saddle our children and grandchildren with a crushing debt and reduce America's competitiveness," said Doheny. "I'll also be an advocate for reforming the tax code and cutting tape on small businesses to grow our economy. And I support expansions of drilling to put Americans back to work, maximize our energy reserves and limit our dependence on foreign governments."

"In little under three years, my opponent has shown he cannot be trusted to do as he says and support bills that will keep our spending under control," said Doheny. "Instead, he continues to support President Obama's dangerous agenda that leads to more government, more regulation and hurts our recovery."

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