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John Kline on Fox-9 TV: ‘This Monstrosity is Killing Jobs'


Location: Burnsville, MN

John Kline joined Karen Scullin and Tom Halden in-studio Sunday morning on Fox-9 TV to discuss education reform, ObamaCare, and his efforts to preserve Medicare for Minnesota seniors and protect it for our children and grandchildren.

Education Reform and College Affordability

"We have a deadly spiral going on. The costs go up. The federal government puts in more money. When the federal government puts in more money, the costs go up again. Colleges recognize their costs are going up much faster than the rate of inflation."

ObamaCare an Obstacle to Job Growth

"This monstrosity is killing businesses and jobs. We have got to get rid of it. Our view is NOT to have one big 2,700-page bill which nobody reads and turns into, by the way, something like 14,000 pages of regulations now."

Protecting and Preserving Medicare

"Medicare is an important part of the safety net that my mother depends upon and we need to do something to preserve it for those people who are on it and make sure that it's there for our kids and grandkids. A premium support plan isn't just to address the runaway costs of the entitlement; it's to make sure that it doesn't implode. You have to reform Medicare to save Medicare. If you just leave it like it is, it is going to run out of money, or - as President Obama said - put in a 15-member panel, the IPAB, whose only job in the law - with no congressional oversight, by the way - is to decide what Medicare won't pay. We ought to all be outraged by that approach."

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