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Honoring the Memories of the Victims of 9/11

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WALZ of Minnesota. Madam Speaker, as we reflect as a Nation on that tragic day 11 years ago, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones. Out of the horror of the murders of thousands of innocent souls rose the selfless heroic spirit of America.

Thousands of first responders rushed into danger to help their fellow citizens, total strangers. Thousands of warriors have paid the ultimate price to defend us.

The sense of national unity that spontaneously arose was something none of us will ever forget. We, the living, must pledge not just in words but in deeds to never forget.

We in this body, as representatives of the American people, must work to see our colleagues first and foremost as Americans and as members of a political party a distant second. To truly honor the principles that this Nation stands for, we must see this other side of the aisle for what it truly is: a 3-foot space that's not so hard to reach across.

Let's honor the memories of those who gave so much on and after that fateful day by working together to truly create a more perfect Union.

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