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McCarthy, Yet Again, Refuses to Stand Up for Israel

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President Barack Obama made a snub heard around the world late yesterday against the United States' strongest ally in the Middle East. And what did 16-year incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy do? What she always does…nothing. McCarthy has stayed characteristically silent in the face of yet another broadside against the Jewish State. That's because she has taken the support of Jewish constituents for granted over her nearly two-decade career in Washington. And that's not ok.

The White House said late Tuesday that President Obama would not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to the United States later this month, rebuffing Netanyahu's request for a tete-a-tete to discuss the threats posed by Iran's burgeoning nuclear program.

The White House tersely replied to this request with a one sentence comment: "The President's schedule will not permit that." (Source: Reuters, September 11, 2012.) Reaction came fast and strong from Israel's allies across the nation. But 16-year incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy remained, yet again, silent.

"This isn't a way for America to treat its friends," said Legislator Fran Becker, Republican and Tax Revolt candidate for Congress. "It shouldn't even be a question that America should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East. It's disappointing that Carolyn McCarthy either doesn't understand that or couldn't care less. We sent her to Washington to be our voice, not a potted plant."

"It's disappointing to see Carolyn McCarthy content with allowing US-Israeli relations to plunge into crisis. Why she isn't an outspoken critic of the President's continued anti-Israel stances is utterly bizarre. Carolyn is a leading member of the President's own Party. It's nonsense that McCarthy won't speak the truth to President Obama: that he's too tough on Israel and not tough enough on Iran," continued Becker.

"Carolyn McCarthy's continued and repeated silence on all matters is a slap in the face to every one of her constituents. She's either out of touch or fails to understand the significance of this major international incident that President Obama has set off," said Becker.

"Time after time, when our community needs a strong and vocal ally to stand up for Israel, McCarthy is nowhere to be found. She's also nowhere to be heard from. But all of this isn't surprising. Carolyn McCarthy has made silence into a career. For McCarthy, silence is golden. Fact of the matter is it's not only embarrassing to her constituents, but also unbecoming of a 16-year senior US Congresswoman. This Election Day gives us the chance to make a long-needed change we deserve," continued Legislator Becker.

Since this story broke, President Obama and Democrats have backtracked from its initial position, with the White House citing a scheduling problem that prevented a meeting during the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in New York. Both Obama and Netanyahu will be at the General Assembly meeting. Late on Tuesday, September 11, President Obama spent more than an hour on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu, most likely to apologize for the situation.

McCarthy's silence on President Obama's rebuff of the Jewish State and Prime Minister Netanyahu only adds to her continued lack of interest on matters of concern to her constituency. Over the past several weeks, McCarthy has remained silent on major issues of importance to US-Israeli relations, a direct slap-in-the-face to many constituents:

· The Democrat Party removed and then re-inserted in a very contentious voice vote the plank affirming Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. McCarthy still hasn't made a comment or discussed the failings of her political party on this matter.

Honoring the Munich 11, the slain 11 Israeli Olympians from the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, during the London Olympics this summer. Even members of her own Party from New York State agreed that this should have been done. (Source: Haaretz. "US Lawmaker: "Refusal to honor victims of Munich massacre will stain the IOC' July 25, 2012)

When the Obama White House refused to acknowledge that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel in a July 26, 2012 Press Conference -- the same policy as some of the Jewish State's staunchest enemies -- but then corrected itself, posting an insert on the Press Conference's official transcript.

Took several days to even publicly acknowledge the murder of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria in July 2012;

Took more than two weeks to speak out in favor of Israel and against the Gaza flotilla in 2010 -- and was publicly criticized by Rabbi Hershel Billet of Young Israel of Woodmere, the largest Orthodox synagogue in McCarthy's congressional district, in a story on Politico.

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