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Boustany Statement on National Debt Surpassing $16 Trillion


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D., (R-South Louisiana) issued the following statement in response to the national debt surpassing the $16 trillion mark:

"This Administration has done its best to set records: record high unemployment, the first time in history American taxpayers have seen four consecutive years of deficits topping $1 trillion, and an increase of the national debt by a whopping $5 trillion in under four years. Promising to cut deficits in half to get elected, this President has failed miserably. Unfortunately, future generations of Americans will be forced to pay for the spending binge of this Administration's failed policies.

"Rather than slashing federal government spending, this Administration opted to incorporate failed stimulus programs and botched venture socialism projects, like the Solyndra debacle, in a feeble attempt to create jobs. Unfortunately, 23 million Americans are unemployed as the national unemployment rate remains above eight percent for the 42nd straight month. Never has our country faced such chronic unemployment for such an extended period of time.

"House Republicans proposed numerous measures to increase the job creation for America's families while attacking the nation's debt. As a senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee and working with Paul Ryan, we worked to pass the Ryan budget to scale back spending and put our nation back on a path to prosperity. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats and the President refuse to provide the leadership Americans so desperately desire. Our country cannot afford to wait for election-year politics to trump sound policy."

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