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Your Choice for America


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So now the choice is official.

With the nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this week in Tampa, the Republican Party is offering a clear choice to the American people this November:

Do we want more of the Obama Spending that added $5 trillion to the national debt...or do we want a proven leader who knows how to run a business and the sponsor of the Ryan plan which actually would reduce spending and reform entitlements?

Do we want more of the Obama Economy where we are stuck at 8% unemployment...or do we want a new team that will cut taxes and create jobs?

And do we want more of the Obama Philosophy that believes government knows best...or the Republican ticket that believes the people know best?

This November, the choice is clear, the issues are profound, and the consequences are huge. I don't believe we can afford another four years of Barack Obama. That's why I am proudly supporting Romney-Ryan. While the president continues to play politics, Romney-Ryan offer real leadership and real solutions to strengthen our nation. From balancing the budget to cutting taxes to reforming entitlements, this is a team of leaders who will turn our economy around.

PLEASE JOIN ME IN WORKING HARD to elect Romney-Ryan and to elect Republicans to the House and Senate to support their agenda. It's not too late. We can still take our country back. It starts November 6.



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