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Unhappy Anniversary -- Lessons Learned from Solyndra


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Yesterday marked one year since Solyndra--the Obama Administration's stimulus "success story"--filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While investors with close ties to the White House cut deals and received taxpayer bailouts, American taxpayers were left footing the bill. Solyndra serves as a stark reminder of the Obama Administration's misguided priorities and failed stimulus economy.

As we reflect upon that abuse of taxpayer dollars, I am reminded that there are currently plenty of instances in our tax code where various energy sources are reaping the benefits of narrow carve-outs and subsidies for their respective industries--and all at your expense. Other conservatives in Congress (including Rep. Paul Ryan, now the Republican nominee for Vice President) and I are opposed to using your tax dollars to prop up failing industries within the energy sector. As supporters of the free market, we strongly believe that the government should not be picking winners and losers among our energy sources. I have a revenue-neutral bill that would eliminate all energy tax credits from the tax code, and in turn would direct those savings toward lowering the corporate tax rate.

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at a policy forum hosted by the American Energy Alliance and moderated by The Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore. There, I had the chance to share information about my bill, The Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act (HR 3308), with others who are concerned about our country's energy policy.

It is an honor to represent Kansans in our nation's capital. It's so important to hear from you--whether I see you when I am spending time at home in Kansas or you reach out to my staff in Wichita or Washington, we are here to serve you! Please keep sharing your thoughts with me over e-mail, regular mail, Facebook and Twitter. I truly enjoy all the input and feedback that helps me to represent you.


Mike Pompeo
Member of Congress

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