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Congress to Kansas Tour Continues: Seneca, Burlington, and Yates Center


Location: Unknown

On Wednesday and Thursday, I made three stops on my Congress to Kansas tour in Seneca, Burlington, and Yates Center. On the way, I stopped by Blue Valley Telecommunications in Home, Wenger Manufacturing in Sabetha, and got the chance to meet with the Burlington Rotary Club. I have listened to a lot of concerns from many of you, but there are three things that float to the top, because I hear them everywhere I go. People are concerned about jobs and unemployment, higher taxes, and the budget, specifically the Medicare and healthcare components of it.

As a member of the House of Representatives, I find it frustrating that that we have tackled these issues, created plans to deal with each of them, and passed numerous bills that now sit motionless at the mercy of the Senate and the administration. While we have two great Kansas Senators that are working hard to move the ball forward, they are outnumbered, and Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats are preventing us from getting these things done.

House Republicans have passed dozens of bipartisan jobs bills that would reduce business uncertainty and provide relief from record amounts of red tape like the REINS Act, Energy Tax Prevention Act, and Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act. In July, we passed a bill that would extend the current tax rates for everyone for one year and another bill that would put the country on a path to comprehensive tax reform. And, we cannot forget about Obamacare. The House also recently passed a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act. House Republicans have a plan for America's Job Creators and it is time the president and the Senate Democrats stop blocking our bipartisan jobs bills.

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