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Being Hungry Should Not be On Obama's School Lunch Menu


Location: Washington, DC

While traveling throughout Kansas' Big First during the August District Work Period, Congressman Tim Huelskamp heard from many Kansas parents that school lunches are leaving their children hungry. In order to comply with new Obama Administration mandates, Kansas schools are being forced to serve children fewer calories of less tasteful food -- ultimately leaving children under-fed. Congressman Tim Huelskamp has already received several pictures of school lunch trays, and is inviting other Kansans to submit additional pictures.

"Big government wins again," Congressman Huelskamp said. "First Lady Michelle Obama's agenda full of 'exciting changes' -- her words, not mine -- are leaving our kids hungry, undermining the whole goal of a school lunch program. One of the major reasons they started the school lunch program was to ensure that children were full enough in order to function well in a classroom. But, seeing pictures of some of the lunches children are served now, it is obvious that the original objective is no longer being met."

"If Washington is going to be in the school lunch business, then it should at least ensure that children have full stomachs. Parents who purchase school lunches for their children or taxpayers who support free- and reduced- lunch programs have the expectation that what kids eat are meals -- not mere snacks. And, if we want to make sure our children are active, then they need a meal complete with ample protein -- not just more grains. The First Lady has recognized that 'talented people' work in our school cafeterias; I agree. Let's let the talented people in each school district figure out what their own children will eat -- not dictate it from the White House."

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