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Republican Budget Plans Bad for the Economy and American People


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Over the last few weeks, discussions of the Ryan Budget Plan have come to the forefront of national attention. As we wade through Congressman Ryan's plans for the American people, one thing becomes clear: the wealthiest Americans will benefit from slashed tax rates, while everyday Americans, especially low-income families, will be left behind.

I believe the federal budget should be a reflection of our nation's priorities and values. I strongly believe our first priority should be to put people back to work, and we must also invest in our small businesses and promote economic growth.

I cannot support House Republican efforts to slash funding for federal programs in order to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest among us. The insistence amongst Republican leaders in promoting the interests of the top one percent at the expense of everyone else is troubling.

I remain committed to investing in the next generation of Americans, in 21st century infrastructure as well as programs designed to promote business development and entrepreneurship in the U.S.


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