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Make It In America


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Our manufacturing sector has played a major role in making the United States the economic superpower it is today. This industry's devotion to excellence and productivity have helped to create the strongest middle class the world has ever known.

Over the past few years, our manufacturers, large and small, have faced significant changes. Today, our manufacturing industry stands at a crossroads. President Obama and Democrats like myself recognize that our manufacturers are the lifeblood of our economy. That is why I'm proud to support the "Make It In America" initiative. This bold policy proposal will create and preserve American jobs by enhancing access to capital for small businesses and eliminating tax loopholes that allow companies to ship jobs overseas.

Millions of Americans are still out of work, but our recovery is underway. To date, we have experienced 30 consecutive months of private sector job growth. I am confident that "Make It In America" will unlock countless new opportunities for manufacturers and hard-working Americans alike. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue or Red State or a Blue State issue. We all win when we make it in America.

To learn more about the Democrats plan for domestic manufacturing and job creation, click here.

Combating Synthetic Drugs
This week, state and local officials announced a new plan to combat the use of bath salts, which mimic the effect of illegal drugs like methamphetamine, as a first step towards banning these dangerous substances. I applaud these proactive steps to reduce the availability of bath salts. Indiana businesses are now on notice: the sale of bath salts may result in the loss of their business license, prosecution and fines.

I remain concerned that far too many young folks have experimented with bath salts without being fully aware of the danger they pose to their health. Regrettably, too many parents are also unaware of the dangers they pose. That's why I introduced legislation, entitled the Synthetics are Dangerous Act, to inform parents and young adults about the dangers associated with using bath salts and other synthetic drugs. This legislation seeks to prevent our young people from falling into the trap set by these dangerous drugs.

For more information about this ongoing problem, I encourage you read the article in the Indianapolis Star and to click here for more information about the Synthetics are Dangerous Act.
Thank you for reading the Carson Courier. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts and concerns. For more information, visit my website at, my Congressional Facebook page at and follow me on Twitter @RepAndreCarson. I value your views and your input, which help me better represent the people of Indiana's 7th District.


André Carson
Member of Congress

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