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A clickable offering of books and articles that I've read recently and highly recommend, as we strive together to "Keep the Republic."

The topic of Voter ID continues to be a recurring topic of discussion as we approach Election Day. Several states have recently passed bills that are being challenged at the state and federal levels in court. As those cases play out, I am reminded of the battle I undertook to defend Indiana's Voter ID law several years ago as Indiana's Secretary of State.

A recent editorial by the Boston Herald, "Voter ID laws boost democracy," summed up support for Voter ID laws, using many of the arguments I used to support and defend Indiana's law since 2006. Critics of the law charge that these laws are an attempt to disenfranchise voters, but I strongly disagree.

Not only do Voter ID laws give voters a sense of security that their vote isn't cancelled out by those who commit voter fraud, these laws have increased turnout. In fact, Democrat primary turnout increased in Indiana more than any other state in 2008. I know this because I personally observed it as Secretary of State during that election.

Good Voter ID laws only serve to improve our democracy, not destroy it, and I support efforts by individual states to protect the integrity of our voting process.

Thank you for your continued interest in Congress and for supporting my efforts in Washington. Take care.


Todd Rokita

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