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Blog: So, You're a Libertarian?


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At an event this weekend I told a group my belief that just because you have a right to do something (get a divorce, own a gun, marry someone of the same sex, have an abortion, apply for Federal benefits, et al), doesn't necessarily mean you should do it. We need to to ask ourselves: "Is this the right decision for me, and am I prepared to accept the full consequences of my actions?" There may well be serious moral, legal, or financial consequences for you and for others.

Someone replied, "So, you're a Libertarian?" Not exactly. I believe, as did our Founders, that our government has a function in the steady progress of society. The Federal Reserve has a steadying effect on our economy that unrestrained capitalism has never exhibited. The gold standard is gone for good. Our infrastructure is vital to maintaining our way of life, and the environment is a shared responsibility.

If we all (individuals, corporations, and government) made better decisions, the Bill of Rights itself would be superfluous. In reality, laws are necessary and government is needed to uphold, not abuse, our Constitution.

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