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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DOLD. Mr. Speaker, this is a tragic day for the United States and for all people across the world who stand for freedom--the freedom of speech and religious tolerance. It is also a day that serves as a powerful reminder of why we hold these core principles, of why each generation of Americans over the past two centuries has proudly fought to preserve and advance them, and of why we must confidently answer the call to do the same today.

My thoughts and prayers are with Ambassador Stevens' family and with the families of the three American diplomats murdered in the attack in Libya.

There is simply no excuse or rationale to be found here. There is absolutely no justification for violence and murder against Americans. This act of terror stands in direct opposition to the freedom and liberty that we champion throughout the world.

This is an extraordinarily volatile time in the Middle East. As Americans, we should expect--we should demand--nothing less than strong leadership from the United States. As is shown by the murder of American officials in Libya today, by the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt yesterday and, most certainly, by Iran's flagrant march toward nuclear weapons, this is no game. I am sickened and outraged by these recent events. It is time to lead.

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