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Boswell Briefing: Remembering and Honoring Sacrifice on 9/11


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Dear Fellow Iowan,

Eleven years ago, America was forever changed by the tragic events of 9/11. Today we honor and remember the nearly 3,000 people who were killed as a result of cowardly terrorist acts.

Following the events that unfolded, Americans were united as strong as ever proving the power and generosity of the human spirit. The psyche of Americans was shaken, but ultimately we stood strong against terrorism.

The national reaction should come as a surprise to no one. As Americans, we are known for rising above in times of hardship and despair, especially when our basic rights and freedoms are challenged. It's how our nation was founded.

When our country became involved in two wars overseas, Americans honored their call to duty; stepped up and served their country. Tens of thousands of young men and women enlisted following 9/11, yet another example of Americans' long history of commitment, dedication and love of our country.

That's what today is about. It is a day to mourn those who were taken from us on this day and the years following, including our brave service members and first responders. And it is also a day to be proud of our country and its people.

It is my hope that even though more than a decade has passed, we will never forget those who made and are still making sacrifices for all Americans today. The lessons we have learned from that tragic day can never be forgotten, especially for those of us in Congress.

We must use the same steadfast determination that was displayed by the American people after 9/11 in facing our economic challenges today as we work to get millions of people back to work, keep American industries growing and bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

I remain committed to working with my colleagues on facing the challenges of today and will do so with the lessons we've learned fresh in my mind.


Leonard L. Boswell
Member of Congress

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