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Support of Home Health Care - Hon. David Loebsack

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. LOEBSACK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to express my support for home health care providers and care givers. As we look for ways to ensure that Medicare remains solvent in the years to come and continues to provide affordable, quality health care to our nation's seniors, it is important to highlight those initiatives that are currently working well and saving money for the program.

Studies have shown that home health care services have saved Medicare $2.8 billion dollars over three years. This is because it is often less expensive to care for Medicare beneficiaries in their own homes than a skilled nursing facility or hospital setting. Further, quality care at home can prevent these more costly and intrusive interventions in the first place, as well as prevent repeat hospitalizations.

Home health care also provides a more convenient and comfortable standard of living both for those receiving care and their families. The advantage of being home with your loved ones can make the world of difference in positive health outcomes. This is particularly important in rural areas like many parts of my district, where there often are fewer providers and choices when it comes to nursing care.

As we work to find cost savings, it is important to keep in mind that home health care providers deliver quality, effective health care to our seniors and helps to keep Medicare costs down.

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