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President Obama's DNC Speech Underscores Distinct Choice Americans Face in November Election

Press Release

Location: Albuquerque, NM

President Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention last night, underscoring the distinct choice voters face in the November election between the Wilson-Romney-Ryan agenda that would cut taxes for the wealthy and sacrifice investments in our future, and the Democratic plan to build America from the middle class out.

"Last night, President Obama talked about the values that define the middle class, and discussed the choice Americans face in the November election," said Democratic Senate candidate Martin Heinrich. "This moment defines what kind of people we are and what kind of country we want to build."

The Wilson-Romney-Ryan agenda would make all of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, and give millionaires an additional $265,000 tax break. At the same time, it would increase taxes for middle-class families to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy. But the Wilson-Romney-Ryan agenda wouldn't stop there. It would also end Medicare's guaranteed benefits, increase health care costs for seniors, cut investments in higher education and childcare, and make the future of the middle class less secure.

Martin Heinrich has a different vision. Heinrich believes in cutting taxes for middle-class families and small businesses, and making millionaires pay their fair share. He knows that millions of seniors have been able to live independently and with dignity because of the safety net provided by Medicare, and he has fought to protect and strengthen the program for future generations. And Heinrich believes in protecting our investments in education that will prepare our students to compete in tomorrow's economy.

"My priorities are New Mexico's priorities -- cutting taxes for the middle class and small businesses, protecting Medicare and looking out for seniors, and investing in education so that students are prepared for the future," said Heinrich.

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