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Issue Position: Tomorrow

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I was born in 1963. I remember from my youth how excited we were about "The World of Tomorrow". There was a creative energy fueling our lives and moving our country forward. We believed that tomorrow was going to be better than today and that idea inspired our nation to do some pretty amazing things. We built a robust economy, we grew our middle class, we tackled civil rights, and we even had the commitment to send a man to the moon.

Something has gone wrong. It seems we have quit believing in tomorrow because we are just too busy surviving today. If we are going to grow our economy, educate our kids, protect our environment and rebuild our faith in government, we need to recommit ourselves to the simple fact that tomorrow can better than today.

It has to start with leadership. We need leaders that are willing to plan for our future, invest in our ideas, inspire us to succeed, and stand up and fight against anyone or anything that stands between us and building a better tomorrow.

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