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Rep. Kingston: End Washington's War on Workers

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Just days after marking Labor Day, a day meant to celebrate the American worker, Congressman Jack Kingston says the August jobs report highlights Washington's war on workers.

According to the report, just 96,000 jobs were created last month. That is less than half the number needed to keep up with population growth much less bring down the nation's stagnant unemployment.

"Washington's failed economic policies amount to nothing less than a war on workers," said Kingston. "It must be stopped! We have not seen an unemployment rate this bad since the Great Depression. More than a third of able-bodied, non-elderly Americans have given up looking for work all together. How many jobs reports will it take to prove to the White House and Senate that it is time for a change?"

August marked the 43rd consecutive month in which unemployment remained above 8 percent. The real unemployment rate, which takes into account those who are forced to take part time work because they cannot find full time employment as well as those who have given up looking for work all together, stands at 14.7 percent.

"When President Obama campaigned for his stimulus plan, he promised that unemployment would never reach 8 percent and would stand at 5.5 percent today," Kingston said. "Three and a half years later, it should be clear by now that growing government and spending on overdrive will not create the kind of jobs we need in this economy. The House has passed more than 30 bipartisan jobs bills only to see them gather dust in the Senate. Why not at least bring them up for a vote?"

While action may take some time on each of the proposals passed by the House, Kingston believes the federal government can do three things -- all of which have bipartisan support -- today to alleviate uncertainty, encourage private investment, and create jobs.

"We need to get government out of the way by halting unnecessary over-regulation and begin peeling back misguided regulations already hurting jobs," said Kingston. "We need fundamental tax reform that encourages growth and brings down rates by eliminating special-interest loopholes. Finally, we need to end the Obama Administration's blockade to North American energy by harnessing America's energy potential and opening up the job-creating Keystone Pipeline."

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